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back. what were you saying? >>steve: i was saying in san francisco, the biggest labor union is seiu. they represent the most people who work for the city of san francisco. it's kind of ironic that apparently seiu local 1021, the membership has voted to go on strike against their own union bosses because apparently they feel like -- >>brian: they're not getting anywhere. >>steve: the bosses want them to cave on concessions on pensions and health care and stuff like that. and so what the union leadership has done is they said this is just a small minority of people who want to go on strike. small minority. 94% voted let's go on strike. >> not sitting well, i'm sure, with the union bosses. but where did they learn to strike? from the bosses they're striking against. >>steve: how delicious is that. city officials say the salaries are too high when they look at other similar situations and jobs in the city by the bay. >>brian: 12 minutes after the top of the hour. ahead, a scary lesson coming to schools. graphic stories of war and bombings for third graders. is that appropriate? why thes
office, $2.2 million for a conference in san francisco, you say this is too much. i grew up in a traveling tourism town, corpus christi, texas. we see the value of that. but we've got to get the people in these government agencies to realize it's not their money they're spending. it's the taxpayers' hard-earned money. >>brian: you've got $89 for the department of defense. sure they could use that for better things. $72.7 million for the department of veterans affairs. i'm sure they would like to see that in their health care plan. $38.7 million to the justice -- $58.7 million to the justice department. if you're doing smart cuts, you would imagine that these conferences with face time and everything else, these could be one of the things that are cut back? >> it's a natural to be cut. obviously people need to get together from time to time on a face-to-face basis. but let's use some of these technologies that are free like, oh, skype. >>brian: exactly. you say you have a site set up for people to go to if they see a situation like this and want to report it. >> oversight.hou
assemblyman mark levine joins me live from san francisco. good morning to you, mark. >> good morning, gretchen. glad to join you this morning. >> gretchen: why is this an important law to be on the books? >> well, if we think about it when we send our children to school, they go to a smoke free environment, most of us work in a smoke free environment. where we should feel safest, in our own homes if we share a wall or ventilation system. if a neighbor lights up, we all smoke with them and we know how dangerous secondhand smoke is. >> gretchen: this does not affect stand alone homes. >> it doesn't at all. about 40 million americans live in a situation where they're exposed to secondhand smoke in their apartment or con did cond. 50,000 deaths from secondhand smoke nationwide. >> gretchen: landlords can ban them. here are other things banned in california, clothing donation dropoff box, tanning beds for minors, foigra, entering an animal enclosure at a zoo. a lot of people say there is a ton of regulation. whatever happened to individual rights? >> sure. you mentioned a lot of different laws and
in san francisco. come on! get hyped! [ cheering ] good old al. >> this is like the island here, where if they lose, they go home. >> yeah. kind of like survivor for the world baseball classic. al lighter, kind of a big deal. we're not talking about leather bound books big deal. we're talking about major league baseball, the mets and the yankees, been to the world series three times. and also, of course, for mlb. what do you think about the mlb classic. who is going to take it this year? >> usa! usa! i'll say this, this is cool stuff. here we are at the mlb fan cave, get to watch every game as they do during the course of the year. just even talking to some of the folks here of the passion behind this. i think it's going to grow. i really do. this is the greatest baseball tournament in the world. for us to get an opportunity in the usa, maybe we got a little jaded 'cause we watch so much baseball that our ball club, our players there, this tournament has up to 50 all stars, major league all stars. we have -- >> joe torre is the manager. >> tonight against mexico. mexico has got to win.
deal to play with the lions. talk about dialing up long distance, this defender of the san francisco premier league -- of the south african scoring from the goal's position. final score 1-0. that would be the only goal of the game. not to be outdone, let's go american. long-range shot, seattle sourpbdz wins -- seattle sounders win. they average 44,000 in seattle. coming up on kilmeade and friends from 6 to 9 a.m. on the radio app, stan henninger for the "wall street journal." and charles payne will do a simulcast on the fox business network all coming up. and i don't look like that any more. >>steve: we're doing a simulcast with janice dean weather machine. janice, we've had a couple of kind of mild days and now say it ain't so. it could be snow? >> as a meteorologist, i should probably embrace this weather, all types of weather. i am so done with winter. bring on spring which is apparently six days away according to the calendar. but we might have another winter storm to talk about early next week. let's go to the map. i'll show you where it's cold. 25 in minneapolis, 23 in chicago.
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5